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Boiler Brands Quotes
Boiler Brands Quotes

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Use to compare exclusive deals and offers from local, trusted and gas safe registered boiler installation companies.

All of the gas engineers on our network have been selected due to the their solid reputation, competitive pricing and high levels of customer service. Each is Gas Safe Registered, fully insured and prepared to go the extra mile in order to get the job done.

What's more, because the installers know that you're comparing quotes from multiple companies, they'll be providing their best possible service and deal in order to try and win your business.

You wont be charged at any point, by us, or the tradesman for their quotations. After you've had your quotes, it is entirely your choice whether you wish to proceed, or not. It really is as simple as that.

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We've already helped over 80,000 savvy boiler shoppers!
New Boiler on Finance

From £20/Month

If you need a new boiler but you can't afford to stomach the up-front sum, you could spread the cost by obtaining one through a competitive finance plan. Find out more.

Save Money On Your Bills

Slash Your Bills

If your current boiler is over 10 years old it's likely to be in-efficient and unreliable. A new condensing boiler could save up to £250 a year on your bills alone.†

Long Warranties On New Boilers

Long Warranties

Thanks to advances in technology, modern boilers are much tougher and resilient than their older counterparts. They now carry warranties of up-to 10 years!

Top Rated Boiler Installers

Top Rated Installers

We've only selected the finest boiler installation companies throughout the UK, and we constantly monitor feedback so you can rest assured that you'll be in safe hands.

Boiler Quotes Compared

80,000+ Quotes Compared

Since launching back in 2013, we've helped a huge number of savvy shoppers find the best deals on their new boilers, home insulation and solar panel installations.

Long Warranties On New Boilers

Gas Safe Registered

All of the boiler installation companies offering their quotes on BoilerQuote are fully Gas Safe Registered and carry the correct, required qualifications. No more cowboys!

Boiler on Finance

Getting a Boiler on Finance

It's like buying a car, you spread the payments over a period of time and this can be as little as £20 per month. Just like a new car, your new boiler will carry a warranty of up to 10 years, so you can rest assured knowing that you'll benefit from a reliable, efficient heating system for many years to come.

Crucially, if you're replacing a very old in-efficient boiler, the savings that your new replacement will make on your monthly bills can often cancel out the repayments making it a win-win situation.

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Frequently Thought Questions

Getting a new boiler can often feel like a tiresome process. With so many types out there and so many options available, the brain can quickly become scrambled.

Below, we've put together some top-notch answers to our most frequently asked questions to make the whole process stress free.

Why should I compare boiler quotes?

Well, why shouldn't you? It's like anything in life, if you want the best deal you'll need to do the research. Thankfully, we've already done that for you. We've built up a network of boiler installers all over the UK who offer the best balance of price, service and quality. We regularly monitor feedback to ensure that our users are only getting the best.

Can I get a boiler on finance if I have poor credit?

In short, yes. In the height of the recession it was neigh on impossible to get credit unless you had a squeaky clean history. But now, finance is much easier to access with companies such as Credit Union who will listen to your circumstances, rather than having a "computer says no" attitude. Learn more about getting a boiler on finance.

How do I know which make/model boiler to buy?

Well generally, this is all down to your budget and your needs. We'd recommend that you complete our quotation form above, we'll then arrange for someone to contact you to discuss your requirements and budget further. If you simply do some reading research, check out our boiler brands section.

What are the different types of boiler?

There are three types of boiler system which are common place throughout the UK. The most popular is a combi system which heats your water on demand (ideal for most homes). Secondly you've got conventional systems which require two separate tanks to hold water (ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms/water outlets), and thirdly there's system boilers which only require one tank (again, ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms, but limited with storage space). Read more about the different boiler types.

How and why is this service free of charge?

We don't charge you, the user, at any point during the use of our service. Instead, we charge the heating engineers/suppliers a small fee so that they can quote for your requirements. This way, they are hungry for your work and they will always ensure that they offer the best price they can in order to beat their competitors. .

Will I get spammed and pestered?

If you submit your details, they'll only ever be used to process your initial enquiry. We won't re-sell your data and it will never be used in any other way. All data is protected by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

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