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Why get a boiler on finance?

Why get a Boiler on Finance?

If your boiler breaks down, the costs can be hard to swallow in one go, especially when it comes out of the blue. Finance options are becoming very popular and allow you to spread the larger cost over several, more manageable payments at very competitive rates as low as 0% APR.

What's more, because the boiler finance payments are typically spread over 5-10 years, you'll benefit from a substantial warranty and long term piece of mind.

Complete the '10 click' form above and we'll arrange for you to be contacted by up-to 3 approved boiler finance specialists who'll be able to offer their best deals and talk you through the process.

Pay Monthly Boiler

Pay Monthly Boiler Benefits

By installing a new boiler via a finance option, your typical monthly payments are likely to be around £17-20. By comparison, a typical maintenance contract on your old boiler may be as much, if not more than that. This means that you can have a new boiler installed with a warranty of up-to 10 years, for the same price as your current maintenance contract. Not only that, but you are likely to save a further £20-30 on your energy bills making the savings instantaneous.

To give you an idea of the yearly savings, a new A-rated boiler which is replacing an old F-rated boiler could reduce your gas bills by up-to £350 per year. That's a substantial saving.

Who contacts me about my quotes?

Who contacts me?

Boiler finance is a specialist service, so you'll only be contacted by approved companies that have a track record of offering competitive, transparent pricing and are well-known for completing their boiler installations to the highest standards.

All companies that contact you will also be gas safe registered and because they know that they're competing with other installers to get your business, they'll offer the best packages at the best possible price.

A new boiler from £17 a month

As with many things these days, finance is becoming available on boiler/heating installations at very competitive rates. Finance allows you to spread the bulk cost over a number of months, many companies can even offer 0% APR, others will throw in service/maintenance packages to sweeten the deal. If you're considering replacing your boiler, you should be considering having it installed via finance plan.

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Top Rated Boiler Installers

Top Rated Installers

We've only selected the finest boiler finance installation companies throughout the UK, and we constantly monitor feedback so you can rest assured that you'll be in safe hands.

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Since launching back in 2013, we've helped a huge number of savvy shoppers find the best deals on their new boilers, home insulation and solar panel installations.

Long Warranties On New Boilers

Gas Safe Registered

All of the boiler installation companies offering their finance quotes on BoilerQuote are fully Gas Safe Registered and carry the correct, required qualifications. No more cowboys!

Boiler Finance FAQ's

If your current boiler breaks down out of the blue, and you're in desperate need of a replacement, there are now ways to help stomach the large up-front cost, by splitting it down in to smaller monthly payments.

BoilerQuote work alongside a nationwide network of checked, vetted and fully qualified boiler installation companies who carry the necessary qualifications to offer the best advice when it comes to getting a new boiler via a competitive finance plan.

How much will a new boiler cost per month?

If you simply require a straight-swap boiler replacement, you can now get deals from as little as £17 per month (that's roughly 50p per day!).

But wait, the good news doesn't stop there. If you have an old in-efficient boiler with a rating around 65%, a new super-efficient 'A-Rated' boiler could save you up-to £350 per year on your utility bills alone.

Plus, if you currently have a boiler maintenance or boiler servicing plan, you'll be able to cancel that as your new pay monthly boiler installation will carry a warranty of up-to 10 years! If you look at it that way, you could effectively get a new boiler installed in to your home, for no cost. How's that?

How many years do I pay for my new boiler over?

Well, this is entirely up to you. Like with everything on finance, the more years which you spread the payments over, the lower they will be.

Typically, boiler finance plans are taken out over 3, 5 or 10 years. If you can afford slightly higher monthly payments, we'd always recommend that you take it over as little years as possible.

Will I need to pay a deposit if I choose to get a boiler on finance?

There are many different types of deals available when it comes to financing your new installation.

As a rule of thumb, yes, you will be required to pay a deposit (usually around £300-£500). However, there are boiler finance deals available at the moment which require absolutely no deposit, which is great news if your boiler has broken down completely out of the blue.

Can I get a pay monthly boiler if I have poor credit?

Like with all types of finance, it is tricky to get approved on a pay monthly plan if you do not have a perfect past. But, there are still options out there through various 'sub-prime' lenders such as Credit Union, or Lendable.

You'll need to be in some form of employment if you wish to get a new boiler via a finance plan.

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