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What is a Condensing Boiler?

Well, a condensing boiler, isn't technically a type of boiler as such. It is more of an attribute which can be found in most modern boiler types. Condensing boilers effectively recycle the waste heat which would usually be sent out of the exhaust/flue, this heat is then forced back through the system to help heat the water with less energy. This makes the generation of the heat much more effective, ultimatley costing less to generate the same ammount of heat.

All boiler types can be, condensing. The most commonly installed boiler in the UK today is a "Combi-Condensing" boiler. This type of boiler will generate the heat instantaniously, and the heat which it generates will be done to highest possible efficiency.

Efficiency & Things to Consider

What is condensing?
A condensing boiler has a 'unit' which recycles all waste exhaust gas. This hot gas is pushed back through the system and used to help heat the water alongside the boilers standard operation.

Things to consider
A condensing boiler will have a waste condense pipe which releases any excess water from the system. This pipe will usually be ran outside, or internally in to an existing tap/toilet waste.

Condensing boilers are very efficient. Typically, old boilers can be rated at 65%, new condensing boilers can be over 90%. This means that for every £1 spent, only 10p is wasted.

Can I get a Condensing Boiler on Finance?

Boilers can be expensive and covering the whole cost in one lump sum can often be tricky.

Thanks to competitive finance plans and very appealing APR's you can now get a brand new condensing boiler installed in to your property from as little as £20 per month, which is cheaper than most maintnance plans.

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