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What is a Conventional/Regular Boiler?

A conventional boiler system can have two water tanks in the loft, a large 'cold water storage tank' and a small 'feed and expansion tank'. The 'cold water storage tank' draws water from the cold water mains to refill.

Water from the storage tank feeds cold water down to the cylinder (normally in the airing cupboard). The condensing central heating boiler will heat the cylinder, this then enables the cylinder to release gallons of hot water to taps throughout the house. A pump will also circulate hot water via the pipes to the radiators.

Conventional, or, regular boiler systems tend to take up much more room in your property due to the need for extra multiple tanks and pipework. By having extra tanks in the loft, you also run the risk of water damage if the loft were ever to flood. By comparison, a combi boiler contains all of these features in to one single unit, which is making them extremely popular.

Pros & Cons of a Conventional Boiler?

The Pros
Faster flow rates of a combi boiler which allow for better multi-tap operation. If the system fails, you will also have the back-up from an electric immersion system to keep hot water available.

The Cons
Due to the nature of the system, you will need to have space for multiple water storage tanks in your loft. The water will also take time to heat and is not instantanious.

Can I get a Conventional Boiler on Finance?

Boilers can be expensive and covering the whole cost in one lump sum can often be tricky.

Thanks to competitive finance plans and very appealing APR's you can now get a brand new conventional boiler installed in to your property from as little as £20 per month, which is cheaper than most maintnance plans!

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Conventional Boiler Finance
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